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Wellness has become a popular word today.  Being well, used to mean not being unwell, or sick.  Today it is understood as more than that.  A person who’s well, is healthy.  Not just in body, but in mind and spirit also.  Health is wealth. (Or  Health is Well-ness, & vice versa.)    


The Importance of Balance:


Wellness is a balance of being – Being well.  So in order to be well, one must be in balance.   What exactly are we balancing?  The four major aspects of our lives.  Namely:  Mindbodyspirit and last but not leastfinance


To put it simply, Wellness is a balance of  the mind, body, and spirit.  To put it bluntly, it’s a balance of mind, body, spirit and finance.  The last, is either considered a blessing, or “the root of all evil”, but it’s an important aspect in our world today, and requires consideration.

Balancing all four of these aspects, is a lot easier said, than done.  How many of us can actually boast of being well in all four of these aspects?  Not many.  In fact, if we’re being perfectly honest with ourselves, at least one or two of these are off balance at any given time, in our lives.  So does that mean we’re a human race that’s not well balanced?  An Honest answer is:  Yes!  And that should not come as any surprise to us at all!?


 Perfection is a balance in all four aspects, but since”no body’s perfect“,that’s impossible.So let’s cut ourselves some slack and try to attain possible, shall we? If we can’t attain a perfect balance, and each one’s standards are  quite different, I would suggest a sensible universal standard, that would generally apply to all.


Coming as close to balancing all four aspects, is what Wellness is all about.  As well balanced as we are, is how well we are, simple enough?  It is obvious that some measure of balance is required in order to stay alive, leave alone function, in our world today.


Mind          Body        Spirit       Finance


All four of these weigh in heavily, where a well balanced life / wellness, is concerned. We know that a perfect balance of all four (as seen above, for example) is not possible.  So coming as close to a perfect balance as possible, would be a good wellness goal to have. That said, some of us are weller (just kidding) more well off / healthier, than others. (By “well off”, I mean well balanced not rich. See, I’m serious about health being wealth of not just the body, or finance, but spirit and mind too)  Someone who’s well off, to a wellness buff, like myself, is someone who’s well balanced.  As explained earlier:  Healthy in all four aspects of one’s life.


Okay, so considering the fact that all four aspects are not in complete balance, what can we do?  First and foremost, be completely honest with yourself (“…. and this above all, to thy own self be true”, as my mom would say), and consider how tipped your scale is.  That is: how much stronger are you in one or two aspects, and how much do you lack in the others.  If the scale is tipped just a little, you need not be too concerned.  Just work at perfecting the scale, (balancing all four) even more, (Mr./ Ms. Perfect – almost!?)   If, however, you are among the many, who’s scale is tipped quite a lot – (Reminder: The further the scale is tipped away from being balanced, the more unwell the person really is).  Depending on how unwell you are, you should seek help.  The level of help, of course, will depend on the level of imbalance.  For a slight imbalance, use your strengths to help yourself get into balance. For a greater imbalance, seek help from another. Sometimes professional treatment (from a doctor, psychiatrist, financial adviser) might be necessary.  That said, I would caution you to be careful about those “professionals” who sadly enough, are part of a very corrupt system.  Unfortunately, the “medical pros”. of today tend to prescribe more than than care.


We will also find, that if we lack in one, we are stronger in another or the others, to make up for it, and often vice versa. For example: Very well off financially but very unwell physically, mentally or spiritually.  Am I making sense?  The difference is usually made up by one or two, of the other four aspects and the stronger aspect or aspects, often end up compensating for what’s missing.  It is often why the one that’s missing, is neglected till it is too late.

So take the time to know what aspect/s of your life is/are very well and what aspect/s is/are not.  Be true to yourself, you need not share it with anyone else.  Is one aspect truly lacking?  Are you truly spiritually, mentally, physically, well?  How about finances?  Not well off in one or more of the four?  How bad is it? Know that: You are certainly not alone,  but please – do something about it!

The spiritual aspect is an iffy one, not easily detected, and tends to often fall into the grey area.  Spirituality is very important, and often the main reason why some people, who seem to have so much going for them, are just so unsatisfied.  Hello America!

The world has enough to satisfy everyone’s need, but not everyone’s greed – Mahatma Gandhi.

(After Completing Mind, Body, Spirit  also,

You Are Ready to Begin  Part 2   BeWellWorthy.           

Hope you enjoyed Part 1.

Be Well, XOXO


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