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My Purpose: 

The reason I decided to write about wellness is to raise awareness about being naturally healthy.  I wish to inform people how simple and inexpensive being well can be. With the use of basic common sense, moderation, and consistency, one can reap the benefits that come from Being Well.

As the Popular Old Song Says:

“All ya gotta do is – ACT NATURALLY!”


An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure“: 

We have drifted so far away from basic common sense, simplicity and consistency these days, that we don’t even realize how much time, money and energy we waste trying to get to, where we should and could be, naturally.  If and when we do get unwell / sick, we can avoid so much further suffering by choosing simple, inexpensive, and effective methods, instead of the complicated, expensive and ineffective ones, out there.  Of course, the large billion dollar  pharmaceutical companies, would not be where they are today, if the use of  uncomplicated, and inexpensive natural remedies was the norm

Ever since “Work hard, play hard, sleep when you die” & “Take a licking but keep ticking” became the norm, Wellness became less and less natural, and more and more difficult.  Affording the price of expensive health care and medicines would mean living to work/earn,  instead of working/earning to live.  A better, cost efficient option – a workable doable and simple one is: Simply avoid what would obviously make you sick, and unwell.  This is not as difficult or complicated as our new norm would have us believe. 

We have been brain washed by skillful business tycoons, who have a lot to gain from our unnatural ways, into believing that Wellness & Health is costly and expensive.  In the following pages, I hope to introduce you to the important aspects of Wellness, and share with you the goodness that lies in Nature, Simplicity, and Consistency.  The wisdom of the Vedas teaches us that: “If we live our lives in accordance with nature, we will be at-ease.  It is unlikely that we will create disease“.  By being attentive to our Five senses, we are able to awaken the internal human pharmacy, that should come naturally to us all.

 [The choice is yours:  I suggest, You decide! ] 

Try it before you buy it!


Warning: It will cost you a lot more,  not to.

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Be Well, XOXO

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